Formando futuros líderes a través del poder de la educación y comunidad.

Our Mission:


Lontananza is a non-profit organization focused on shaping future leaders through the power of education and community.


Why We Are Doing This

There are over 200 million learners out of school who face extreme poverty, conflicts and displacement, poor nutrition, and little hope for the future with no access to schools. Through our scholarship program and some new research we’re more committed than ever to help kids, not just in school but also in their communities. Kids are our future and it’s proven that for every $1 invested in a child’s early education, that same child returns $17 to the state in his adult life.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela



Our Programs



The vision with the school, is to have it be an ‘innovation hub’ and a school that leads by example in Colombia. We hope to share all of our findings with the public to help other schools as well. Through donations and partnerships with other local schools we also aim to impact some education reform in the country, showing that investing in our kids is worth it.


With our aquaponics program we hope to accomplish three things 1) Provide nourishment to those in need 2) Provide training to empower others to start their own aquaponics business or get employed in one 3) To provide a volunteer opportunity to kids interested in agriculture.


Through our volunteer program we are looking to create opportunities for kids and adults in the community to build up skills by helping them run their own programs. Our aim is to have every volunteer leave with useful knowledge that can help them in the real world. There are also countless other benefits to volunteering that will help everyone who participates!


Get Involved

This would not be possible without you! Here are a few ways you can get involved:


SPONSOR a Program

Our programs range from a kid’s idea for a lemonade stand, to a 5k, improvements to the school, and much more.

Volunteer opportunities

There are a lot of remote opportunities to volunteer with us! Or if you’d like to come to Villanueva, we’d love to have you too!

Make a Donation

Your donations will help maintain and expand our programs and impact. Thank you!