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Week Two Update

I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed this week by the number of things that need to get done and I was just so grateful for the process I’ve been able to create for myself to keep things organized and keep myself from not doing anything because of all that there is to do haha. That’s why I decided to write a blog about organization and prioritization because, without it, this would drive me crazy! The important thing is to always be moving forward and sticking to what’s important.

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Volunteer Program Vision

Education goes far beyond the classroom, our kids and community are getting educated everywhere by everything and we never know when they might learn something that sticks with them the rest of their lives. This is why it is so important that we take care of not just our home life but also the communities our kids are a part of. When I noticed the lack of volunteer

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Adelaida Diaz-RoaVolunteer Program